Friday, June 17, 2011

My Pick Review - Speedliter's Handbook

If you're a Nikon shooter and are saying to yourself "That's not how I spell Speedlighter", 2/3rd's of this book still applies to you.  If you shoot Canon and want to get the flash off the camera and explore a whole new world of light, this books really for you.  For those that want to know details and scientific facts, there's enough minutia to make you happy as strobist handed a PocketWizard set.  For those that just want to be able to improve their flash photography, it's easy to follow and understand.  Canon or Nikon, beginner or pro there's enough to go around for everyone. Syl teaches you the difference between how you see and how the camera sees and then expands on that to how to see and capture light.  For a look at the first view pages, click on the link and check it out.  I constantly refer back to it and seem to learn something new each time. Speedliter's Handbook: Learning to Craft Light with Canon Speedlites