Friday, June 24, 2011

My Pick Review - Strobist Photo Trade Secrets

Strobist Photo Trade Secrets, Volume 2: Portrait Lighting Techniques (One-Off)Strobist Photo Trade Secrets Volume 1: Expert Lighting Techniques (One-Off)

These are fantastic books for those wanting to see how lighting is done.  Each page is actually a card that can be removed via a perforated edge.  One side of the page, the front as it's placed in the book, shows the final image, the other has a lighting diagram and list of equipment used, camera settings and general info on shooting the image.  The books are small enough to throw in your camera bag, purse or backpack to carry around as source material or for inspirational ideas.  And they're camera agnostic, so they will benefit the Nikonian, Canonista or whatever brand you choose to get behind.  Click on a book to check out the  reviews on Amazon.  I personally think their worth the price!