Wednesday, June 22, 2011


In the 3 years Scott Kelby has been doing his World Wide PhotoWalk, I've participated in 4, leading 1.  I can't wait until this October when he plans to do it again, I hope to do at least 2 again this year.  Photowalking in my opinion is one of the best ways to learn and enjoy photography.  I've done walks with as little as 3 and as many as 60+.  When you're with a large group, a lot of the inhibitions you might feel when you're alone seem to fade away.  Approaching people is far easier, you just say "Hey, we're doing a photowalk, can I take your picture?".  Those that don't want their picture taken usually don't stick around as they see photographers en mass round the corner shooting everything in sight.  And when it's all done, it's best if the participants post their best shots of the day to a Flickr Group or other site so you can compare.  You get to see how other photographers saw and shot the same thing or person you did, but might get a different perspective that you can add to your repertoire next time out.

So if you have a few camera bug friends, get them together downtown, on a farm, at a park and greet a sunrise or see a sunset together.  If no one in your circle is really into photography check around for a local Meetup group or ask at your local camera store and join in the fun or start your own.  I'm thinking of doing one in the next week or two, involving HDR.  If you're in the Central Ohio area, leave a comment and I'll keep you informed.  You never know when you'll find a little Christmas in July...