Monday, June 27, 2011

What Superman taught me...

Ok, I admit it.  I'll miss "Smallville".  It's not the plots, or the costumes or teen angst that got me to tune in each week.  I loved the lighting.  I loved the shadow.  Sometimes I think more thought went into lighting each scene then on how that scene was acted out.  I've also caught myself watching parts of J.J. Abrahams take on "Star Trek" over and over lately.  He used a lighting technique I would like to duplicate in a shoot.  I'm just afraid I don't have enough small strobes to make it happen (and I've collected quite a few over the years!).   I'm just a sucker for a face 60% or more in shadow but still has a huge catchlight in each eye.

So what did Superman teach me?  How really cool shadow can be in your images!