Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Pick: NAPP

For those that have never heard of NAPP, it's the organization Scott Kelby runs that spearheads all of his other "stuff".  Membership is $99 a year.  For that you get Photoshopuser Magazine.  Your choice of digital or dead tree.  You get discounts galore including free shipping on B&H orders, Apple Store discounts, OnOne Software, Photomatix...the list goes on and on.  That alone is worth the money, but when you add in the tutorials and Photoshop Helpdesk they provide it's a really great deal.  And you get 15% off Adobe products.

But wait, you say you don't own Photoshop.  Ok, I say it still can be a good deal.  If you're looking for some good photography books and lessons, bundle it with a Kelby Training subscription.  They have a ton of Photography tutorial videos from the likes of Scott Kelby, Joe McNally, Cliff Mautner, David Ziser and coming soon a Canon Speedlight video from Syl Arena.  For the price of a single seminar, you can have a whole year of training.

Click on the NAPP logo to check out the benefits.  And if you want a taste of what's out there in NAPP and Kelby Training, head over to and check out some of their Podcasts.