Monday, July 18, 2011

Modifier Monday: Opteka SB-110 Universal Gel Softbox

Opteka SB-110 Universal Gel Softbox Diffuser for External Camera Flash Units (Includes Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Amber & Pink Gels)Ever need an extra $10 or so to qualify for free shipping on Amazon?  I did early one Christmas shopping season so I threw one of these in my cart.  I think they were on sale for around $8 or $9.  It's something I probably wouldn't have considered otherwise, but I must say I'm glad I did.  As a softbox, it's small and really only good for a head shot in a pinch, but as a gel holder it's great.  Throw some color on a wall, inside a car, into a room...  The gels are a thick polymer and hold up well.  They slide in and out with ease.  Now if you're trying to color match a fluorescent tube or incandescent bulb this may not be the tool for you.  But for fun, creative shoots this is a nice item to have in the bag.  Easy on the pocket, takes up very little space in your bag.  Click on the image to get more details.