Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Modifier Monday

24" Portable Foldable Off-camera Flash Photography Studio Portrait Softbox with Grid,soft Box Off Camera Flash Softbox Setup for Nikon Canon Speedlite Ex430 Ex580 Sb600 Sb800This week I'd like to introduce you to one of my goto modifiers in the field. It's a 24"X24" pop up light box that comes with grid and circle vignette.  I got it on Amazon from CowboyStudio for around $60.  It folds down like a reflector to about a 6" diameter circle and comes with a pouch.  I usually don't fold it down completely so it lies flatter and just store it with my 5 in 1 reflector so both are handy.  It's great for head shots and  portraits.   When you add the circular vignette you get a great catchlight.  It also includes the flash adapter so it's ready to pop a flash in and stick on a light stand without any additional hardware.  I wouldn't store it this way for any length of time, but you can put it together then fold it up so that when shooting on location you just pop it open and be ready to go within a minute.  There are several manufacturers making similar boxes, this was the first I saw that included the grid and the circle vignette in the 24" size.  If any manufacturers are reading this, how about one in a 36"X36" package?  Click on the image to see the full details.