Monday, November 7, 2011

Modifier Monday: Interfit RF5000 Stellar Beauty Dish

I used several of my Monday Modifier picks in the image below.  A Rogue Grid brought out the detail on the flower in Abby's hair.  A strip bank was used to bring out more detail camera left.  I ran into some problems with a choice of a main light.  I started with a large softbox.  I tried a 60" shoot through umbrella, then a Westcott Halo and then I finally tried the Beauty Dish.  You often hear where a Beauty Dish is not ideal when you're going for soft skin.  Fortunately I had a sock from another light that fit perfectly and it just made her eye's glow.

I know, you're saying "But I don't have an Interfit Stellar Strobe!".  Actually, neither do I.  The dish has an "S" Type adapter, so it will work with Westcott Strobelites or any light using this common adapter.  I like to use the Beauty Dish with my Nissin Di866 Flash.  For that, I use the Interfit Strobie XS Bracket.  It's made of some very solid metal so it adds some nice counterweight to the setup.  It also will take an umbrella and has a second cold shoe on top so you can double up shooting into an umbrella.  It will also let you use all your Softboxes with your flashes.

Black, White and RED! by Dennis Oder (StrobeOhio)) on
Black, White and RED! by Dennis Oder