Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Night Lights: Interfit Stellar Xtreme AC/DC Monolight Kit

This ones on my wish list for Santa.  It has the "S" adapter so all my softboxes and my beauty dish I have for my StrobeLite's will work with it.  Battery or AC so it can go on the road or work in the studio.  The whole kit is the same price as a Paul Buff Vagabond battery.  I got to play with one briefly.  I was told the it gets about 100 shots on the battery.  We were shooting on AC power, about half power and it recycled almost instantly.  Color was very consistant and it's a true 300W.  Click on the image for Amazons info...

More Specs:

This is an Interfit Stellar Xtreme AC/DC Monolight Kit. It includes a 300 watt/second monolight, battery pack with charger and a light stand that rises to a maximum height of 8' (2.4 m).
The Stellar Xtreme has been built to full professional specifications for long life and reliable service. With an almost go anywhere battery pack you can now get that important shot in poor lighting conditions, in or outdoors. The "S" Type accessory fitting works with all Interfit accessories such as the Pro range of softboxes.
The rear control panel has the grab handle, flash and modeling lamp intensity controls, and switches that allow the choice of audible or silent recycling indication. The panel also has the modeling lamp control and the AD/DC control switch.
The battery pack may be charged while the monolight is plugged in and used with AC power. Its charger is multi-voltage (with appropriate optional adapter plug) and will recharge the battery in 6 - 8 hours. With a full charge, the battery will provide ~100 full power pops, and 300+ pops at minimum power.
Cool Running

  • Fan cooling ensures optimum working temperature of the monolight
  • Thermal cut-out device and rapid air flow around the capacitors assure stable lighting in demanding conditions
  • Built in Slave Sensors
    Sensitive infrared and flash sensors and fast re-charge coupled with audible and visual 100% recharge indicators add to the ease of use.
    Five F/Stop Range
    Stepless adjustment of both flash and modeling lamp
    Plug-and-Play Flashtube
    User changeable flash tube ensures both long life and color consistency -- no tools required
    Modeling Light
    Aids in focusing on your subject (AC use only)
    Easy to Position
    Mounting bracket allows for repositioning and balancing of large or heavy softboxes