Monday, December 5, 2011

Modifier Monday: Saberstrip

My Black Friday BOGO deal arrived Friday.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to open the box until just a while ago.  I'll follow up with some images both of the Saberstrip itself and images taken using it.  For now, first impression along with some background information.

So, what did I invision when I placed the order.  One thing I love to do is put a sofbox above and slightly in front of a model so that light is falling off and you get some great shadows.  In a small studio it's hard getting a boom and the softbox high enough.  I figure this can replace a lot of that and a swivel umbrella holder can replace the boom.  I also invision using it as a hair light.

Initial Findings:

  1. Cheap wireless triggers need to be kept outside the tube.  Would not fire more then a foot or two away.
  2. Two screws to get to Hot Shoe mounting screw hard to line up.  Use long thin screwdriver.
  3. Light was soft and even.  I was worried there might be a hotspot, but that wasn't the case.
  4. FAQ page says you can use a TTL cable.  Didn't look like the opening was large enough.  Will have to unpack my 25' Zebra cable and test.
I'm very anxious to try it out in an actual portrait shoot. 

So how does Saberstrip describe their product?  Check it out at

To be continued...