Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wireless Wednesday: What do you use?

My intro to flash and studio lighting began with an inexpensive set of NPT-04 receivers and a trigger.  Totally manual, limited range but with a sync cord I can use them with my Westcott Strobelites and my Nissin Di866.  At around $50 for the trigger and 4 receivers it seemed like a no brainer.  But as it is with most photographers, the mind starts to wonder "What if".  Today, it's "What if I had wireless TTL...".  Actually, I do built into the Nissin flashes.  Before I spend any more money I want to master those.  But it's always good to plan for the future.  So today, I'm asking:

What wireless system do you use or have you used?

Pocket Wizards and Radiopopper have dominated the high end strobist customer base.  Now we're hearing names like the Phottix Odin and Pixel King vying for those $(place local currency here)'s.  I'd like to hear what readers think of the products they're using, thinking of getting, have borrowed or rented.  Let's talk wireless!!

I've created a carousel (yes, I love that little widget) of some of the products out there below.  Feel free to add names and put links in your comments!