Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Belated Modifier Monday: Rogue FlashBender Flash Diffusion Panel

Rogue FlashBender Flash Diffusion Panel

So far, I've loved everything Rogue. I use my Rogue Grid a lot and I can see me using this little add on a lot too.  Being able to turn the FlashBender reflector into a little softbox is just a touch of genius.  Without adding any noticeable weight to your bag, this combo gives you a bendable reflector, flag, snoot and now softbox.  I've even played around with the Rogue Grid end with the FlashBender as a snoot for an even harder light.  The small size is limited in use, say Macro photography.  I would recommend going large.  But definitely a great add on to the Rogue family.


- Attaches quickly to FlashBender Reflectors (sold separately)
- Softens light
- Packs flat
- Negligible light loss
- Weighs 1.5 oz (40-45 grams)

Beautiful Soft Light Control that Packs Flat

Ideally suited for location photographers using speed lights, Rogue FlashBender Diffusion Attachments provide additional light control for users of the Rogue FlashBender Reflectors.

The innovative Diffusion Panel design produces an even light across its surface that softens light bounced off a 
Rogue FlashBender Reflector (sold separately).