Monday, January 9, 2012

Modifier Monday: Is it recessed yet?

When looking for a Softbox or Octabank, if you want better control over your light get it recessed.  What is a recessed softbox?  No, it hasn't been bullied on the playground by other modifiers!  It means the diffusion panel is back away from the edge of the softbox.  When the diffusion panel comes clear to the edge, the light comes out more like that of an umbrella, spreading light where you don't want it.  With a recessed softbox, it's more like having a flag or gobo blocking or directing the light to where you want it.  The Westcott Apollo boxes seen to the right are recessed.

When I set up a softbox or octa whose diffusion panel velcro's on, I try to push it as far back away from the edge as possible so I get the most directional light I can muster.  If I want a light grenade, I put away the softbox and go for an umbrella!