Monday, January 23, 2012

Modifier Monday: My favorite modifier...if it only existed.

I've been asked many times what my favorite modifier is.  I give the same description each time.  It usually evokes one of two responses from the photographer(s) I'm describing it to.  Confused or excited, asking how they can get one.  Then I have to break the news, it doesn't exist.  So, FJ Westcott, if you're listening, here's what I want.

A stripbox, with a grid add on.  Dimensions around 28"X72".  A bar going the length that has at least 3 cold shoes designed so that the strobes are bouncing off a silver back Apollo style.  Oh, yea, I want that bar to travel the length of the box to be able to bend.  You hear photographers talk about wrapping light around the subject.  I want to be able to wrap the lightbox around the subject.  Hang it above, so I can light the top and both sides of the head and shoulders.  I want it to bend nearly in half!  I want multiple lights so I can crank up the shoulders, or one side.  Also, how about making the grid in three sections so I can pull out the middle or one side to make that area softer.  If you could figure out how to make it Apollo style and open like an umbrella I'd name my next cat after you or something...but hey, I'm almost a realist.  I can live with just a softbox that attaches to a light stand.  I can't see something with these dimensions being really portable.

And, when you're not bending the light, you would have a life size strip bank that was wide enough to give you a real nice soft directional light.  Slap the grid on, move it back a few feet and you could make any middle line backer look meaner and tougher.  Oh, and can you make it for under $50??  (Ok, not such a realist after all...)

Now that, that would be a modifier...