Monday, February 20, 2012

Modifier Monday: Giottos CB-5 - 43 "Carrying Case

Ok, not a modifier but a must if you have multiple multipliers! (say that 3 times fast!!).  It's 43" long so it will carry just about any light stand you want to carry on location and deep enough for multiple umbrellas, Apollos, clamps and gaffer tape.  Yet it's thin enough you don't feel you have a giant case weighing you down.  I added some velcro tape on the side and velcro my flashes so they don't shift around and are easy to find.  It's made of a nice canvas that's not to heavy, yet sturdy enough for your gear.

At around $25, it's one of the best photography purchases I've made to date!  I never leave home without it.  It slides under the back seats so it literally takes up no room.  (Ok, disclaimer.  I have a Honda Element and could actually fit a couple of these under the back seats)

  Giottos CB-5 43" Canvas Carrying Case.