Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Purview Tuesday: Instagram? Really? C'mon Man!

I've posted before about Instagram (and posted one image there, of my friend and great photographer Gary Gardiner).  I thought it was fun for maybe a week.  I guess my opinion went south when some great photographers I follow started posting pictures that they claimed were chickens or dogs, and all you could see was a dark blurry blob.  But that was ok, because they used a cool filter...you know, one that makes the image look like something we tried to avoid doing back in the darkroom in the film days.  Yes, that can be fun, but for those of us that love to see what the great photographers are doing, having them now showing 95% Instagram to 5% "real" photography is disappointing to say the least.  And don't get me started about the limited aspect ratio.  Come on guys, my iPhone can take images that aren't square!  Why are you forcing me to such a limited perspective!

So, if you're like me and want to be inspired, I suggest heading over to 500px.com.  Save the Instagram for when you're with your kids, spouse and/or friends to play "What the heck is that and why did they post it!".  Before I get flamed...Yes, there are some great camera phone images on Instagram.  They make up about .01% of the millions being uploaded.  Follow someone like Zack Arias (zarias) on Instagram and you'll see some good images.  Go to zackarias.com or find him on 500px.com you'll see some Great images.  You'll discover that great images make up more then 95% of what is being posted there.  They have a great app for IOS and I believe an Android app is "Coming Soon".

So, I'll step off the soapbox and leave you with two things.  First, I'll paraphrase my favorite song.  I need a little inspiration to get back to shooting more.  There has been a few medical issues in the family that are thankfully no longer threatening.  So that is no longer an excuse!!  Then I'll let you watch a little spoof on Instagram, made by Instagram users.  Who knows, maybe I'll even post another image to Instagram and give it a second try.  Or not!  So...

My take on Fruitcakes by Jimmy Buffett 

Were eleven years past the millenium
That's a science fiction fact
Stanley kubrick and his buddy hal
Now don't look that abstract
So I'll put on my Joe McNally vid
And practice what I preach
Get me lost in the strobist way
As I shoot along the beach
Stay in touch with your photography really is the only way
Its a jungle out there photogs
Have a very fruitful day!

Stuff Instagramers Say by iamryancarl