Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Sync: Pixel King Tests

As I posted earlier this week, I chose the Pixel King TTL Trigger and Receivers to replace my low end non TTL set.  The reviews and capabilities sold me so now it's time to put them through their paces.  Losing an hour to Daylight Savings Time and having several prior engagements my first test was a simple distance test.  So I drove over to the nearby Home Depot parking lot, left a receiver with a flash locked in my car and walked to the opposite end and fired off a shot.  The specs claim they can handle 100 meters.  That's 109 yards to those of us in the U.S.  I was shooting with a 70-200 zoomed in at 200mm so it might seem a little closer.  But trust me, I walked the entire length and up a short rise.  I would have tested it further, but I was stopped by a fence.

By my estimate, I was around 100 yards away.  There is plenty of WiFi and Radio interference in this area, so I was a little surprised when it fired without a problem.  Zooming in we see the interior is well lit.  Maybe a little too lit.  So, I dialed it down two stops and tried it again.  Below you'll see that the interior is pretty much perfectly lit.  With a simple single flash setup at roughly 100 yards I was very happy with the performance.  I fired off about 30 shots without a misfire.  Next I'll try multiple flashes at a distance and see what kind of control I have...