Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Find: Westcott X-Drop

Have you ever been shooting on location and wish you could grab a quick, clean head shot or portrait without going back to the studio.  For Halloween last year I gaffer taped a black 43" reflector to my car for the "Trick or Trunk" at our church.  Using flashes, I made the 2pm event look more like 2am.  These guys would have come in handy.  Right now, they're $100 for the kit, $59 for extra canvas.  Machine washable, kit weighing about 3 pounds and the bag can hold up to 3 canvases along with the stand.  And for those who read Mondays post, another reason not to forget the sandbags!!  

As soon as mine arrives, I'm going to challenge myself to see what I can do with the X-Drop, a 16" beauty dish and 2 Saberstrips.