Monday, July 16, 2012

Modifier Monday: Justin Clamp

Possibly the greatest strobe accessory ever, the Justin Clamp or Manfrotto 175F-1 is a must have in (or on) your camera bag. It has a ball head so you can very easily and very accurately aim your flash.  It has a light stand adapter so it can sit atop. It has a clamp so you can either attach it to rail, branches, drapes etc., or you can let the clamp hold an external battery pack so it's not dangling or sitting on the floor to be kicked.  

The only thing that keeps this from being the complete perfection is the lack of an umbrella receptacle.  Due to the design, one can be added.  It would be handier though if it were built in.  One such add on would be:

All in all, a great thing to have for each flash...