Friday, August 24, 2012

Diary of a Body Painter

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Ever wondered what it’s like to be a body painter? Well, now you can find out from award winning artist, Paul Roustan. Having painted all sorts of people for nearly a decade, Roustan has organized several of his most interesting experiences within this jam packed ebook diary complete with written word and blazingly engaging photography.

Alongside the resulting imagery, the book describes dozens of encounters with beautiful people of all forms via the candid stories of each experience.They say that you should follow your dreams and disregard the norm. Here’s a collection of true stories from someone who has done just that. You will find yourself fascinated by the unique industry that only a select few take the risk by diving in head first.
  • Get first person insight into what it's like to be a body painter, an artist that paints art on people's skin
  • Includes some of the most candid experiences between the painter and subject
  • 75 visually stunning images complementing 27 diary entries that are certain to keep you entertained
  • Over 40 beautifully laid out pages