Friday, July 1, 2011

My Friday Pick - Tenba Messenger Camera Bag

Tenba 638-344 Messenger Camera Bag (Burnt Orange)

I love this bag!  It's not perfect for all situations, I wouldn't dream of taking it on a PhotoWalk or want to traipse around in the woods with it.  However, for getting a lot of gear from point A to point B, it's great.  All the little hidey holes make it great for storing extra batteries, Color Passport, small strobe modifiers...

My typical "What's in my bag" includes 3 strobes, 5D MK II body with battery grip, 4 lenses and 4 battery packs for the strobes.  Plus all the pockets filled with essentials.  And the one great feature I really love, is the zipper across the top so I don't have to undo the straps to grab a different lens or second (or third) strobe, I can access it through the zipper.

Instead of me rambling on about this great bag, watch the following video from Tenba and check out all the sweet features this bag has to offer.  I rarely leave home without it!