Saturday, July 2, 2011

By the dawns early light...

The golden hour.  Photographers love the images that comes from it, but not necessarily what it takes to get to where your going, and be ready to take images before the light goes high in the sky or down below the horizon.  But it really is worth it when the light does it's magic while you're ready for it.

Yeah, it would have been nice to have gotten the propane tanks out of the image to the right, but given the choice of illuminated flowers or tanks, I'll take the flowers.  Besides, propane tanks down on the farm fit.  So, if you're planning on shooting with the sun on a long summer day, early to rise and late to bed are your mantra.

And for those going for the golden hour shots, don't forget to take a flash and a reflector.  If the sun can't illuminate through your subject, you got yourself a silhouette.  Sometimes that's a good thing, but sometimes it's nice to be prepared to give the golden hour a little help.