Thursday, November 24, 2011

Modifier Monday: Thanksgiving Day Edition

Think of it like Monday Night Football on Thursday...

Solid gold sometimes overly warms up the picture.  The goal of using flash on location is for no one to be able to tell that flash was used.  I've always been a fan of the gold\silver streaked reflector.  It seems to blend better, maybe that's subjective on my part, but it's what I like.  So now that I'm starting my #Strobe52 project I wanted something a little more flash friendly then a reflector.  I got looking and guess who had what I was looking for...Interfit.

The Interfit INT385 60-Inch Umbrella (Gold/Silver) fit the bill.  I have a 60" convertible umbrella made by Interfit, so I knew it would be well built.  Interfit describes it as:

"The 60" Gold / Silver Umbrellas offers a warm tone with a hard edge profile to the lighting when used close up to the subject, to maximize the potential of these large umbrella's these are best used with high powered flash units above 400 watts with a spill fill reflector to contain the light into the umbrella. Each is made of high quality materials with a extra long shaft to allow them to be used with most manufactures lights."

For us strobists out there, I'll recommend another add on:

Interfit INT337 Strobies Triple Flash Bracket with Bracket and Handle


Lastolite LL LA2412 TriFlash Three Pocket Flash Tilt-Head Shoe mount

or some other multi flash umbrella holder.  One flash will probably not do it with this monster.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!