Saturday, December 10, 2011

Stocking Stuffer Sunday: frio™ cold shoe


Ever have your flash take an unfortunate fall because the something worked loose?  This little guy does a great job of preventing that.  A plastic tab prevents the flash or trigger from popping off if you forgot to tighten it or movement works it loose.  One less thing to worry about during a shoot.  What orbis® has to say about it...

the frio™

The frio™ is the essential adaptor to connect all your favourite hotshoe gear to anything with a 1/4″-20 tripod stud, giving you the freedom to Connect, Combine, Create™.
The frio™ is the world’s first and only universal hotshoe tripod adapter with patent-pending dual lock security.
The frio™ plays cupid to all your hotshoe gear and your favourite tripods, stands, rigs and grip. Without a frio™, hotshoe gear doesn’t play safe with the stuff you want to attach it to.
The frio™ is the adaptor that gets the job done safely anywhere, every time™. No fiddling, no squinting, no falling equipment.
We call it Slip’n'Click™ technology. Custom developed for you.
When your gear won’t get along, the frio™ is the answer

Still not convinced?

the frio™ vs. Sasquatch