Friday, December 9, 2011

Stocking Stuffer Sunday: Pelican Memory Card Holders

OK, I know it's not Sunday.  I figured since we're coming down to the wire to get our requests to the big guy up north, I'd double or triple up my stocking stuffer picks the next couple weekends.  So, here goes...

CF Cards can be hardier and less difficult to lose then it's smaller SD brother, but it's good to have a nice case to keep those photos safe.  And when your out in inclement weather, even more important to keep them dry.  So ask Santa to leave you a nice case in your stocking this Christmas.  One review of the Pelican Card Case says "Can probably withstand an Atomic blast..."  Not sure I would go that far.

And I'll add a little tip I use if I'm going on a photo walk or something where I'm likely to use more then one card.  I stick a few little strips of gaffer tape on the inside of my case and when I put a full card back in the case, I stick one of the small strips of gaffer tape on it so I know right away it's full.  Saves you the time of sticking it back in to check.  Also makes it easier when your back home to know which cards need loaded on the computer.

Also, in line with my post yesterday, check with your local camera store to see if they can hook Santa up with one of these...

Happy Holidays!