Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I was hooked on photography from my first snapshot.  As a kid I owned a variety of cameras from Kodak Flips to Polaroid Instant.  The move to the SLR and a more serious approach to photography I've always attributed to one man, more specifically one book.  I was thinking about this book last night and was very disappointed the local library didn't have a copy.  Maybe I'll grab a used copy from Amazon.  It's always good to look back to what made you passionate about something to begin with.  If you want to see what prompted me to save up and buy my first SLR (Canon AE-1 Program), check out David Hume Kennerly's "Shooter", and take a look through his portfolio at  I hate to spoil the suspense, but he'll probably be my #FF pick this week on Twitter.  @kennerly if you're interested.  Now let's all get out there and shoot!